Reading and Music list 2012

 July - December 2012 (in no particular order)



Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Childern is a peculiar book about a bunch of peculiar kids in a very peculiar settings! Continuing from the peculiar wierd genre, Michel Faber Under the Skin on Ibook is another interesting wierd off beat kind of book that has a certain moralistic message to it. Easy to read and short. 

I have read most of Mitch Albom's and The Time Keeper once again never fails to inspire. 

Geraldine Books wrote Nine Parts of Desire, one of my favorite books about the Middle East, particularly women in the Middle East. People of the Book is based partly on a true story of the Sarajevo Haggadeh, one of the oldest surviving Jewish illuminating book that was lost and found again. The book builts a fictional account of the 'travels' of this Sarajevo Haggadeh from its beginnings to when it was found and restored.

I have always enjoyed Maggie O' Farrell although this one really isn't one of her best and Forgotten Waltz, like Anne Enright's other novels is quite slow moving but poignant as it captures the ordinary human lives and emotions. 

JG Ballard autobiography is easy to read, not at all self aggrandising, quite down to earth which makes me want to read his books. I have only read Empire of the Sun which is an anomaly to what he usually writes i.e science fiction of sorts. 

Sadie Jones The Univited Guest was a bit of a disappointment after her fantastic debut The Outcast which was super, dark and un-putdownable, Ian Mcewan-esque. I didn't enjoy her second book The Small Wars at all so I thought her third would be better. The Invited Guest is somewhat dark too, with a twist at the end but still not as tight and seductive as her first one. I did skimmed through the end and went back to it in January of 2013.

Julia Child's My Life in France was a wonderful surprise. I read it in 2 - 3 days over Christmas holidays in France. It was given to me by Mishi Saran, one of my writer friends as a birthday present. I know Julia Child and I knew a movie was made about her somewhat. As Mishi said, it's very easy to read, enjoyable and rather relevant as I was vacationing in France. 

Listening to: December is the time I listen to lots of classical music particularly Choral music. It's the Christmas, cold, winter kind of music that gives me comfort in the morning. Makes my heart smile! 

June 2012 


Crimson Petal on Ibook 

Listening to: Arcade Fire and Stereophonics

May 2012 

Some notes: Book 2 was superb, Book 3 was so-so, Book 4 was unput-downable for the first bit and then I got lost after the last bit. Book 5 I must admit was a little disappointing.  George Martin keeps killing off his main characters and introduces all sorts of new ones in which in one way, is incredible imaginative in his mind, but I like those characters he killed off and I want them alive! But the most disappointing thing is now I have to wait for Book 6. What a drag! 

Listening to: Ellie Goulding Bright Lights

April 2012 

March 2012 


Listening to: The best of Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark and Ed Sheeran

February 2012

This is my 2nd time round Middlesex! 

Listening to: Favourite song of February 2012 Bruno Mars Runaway Baby! 

January 2012


John Connolly is my favorite Irish crime writer. He is the only crime writer whom I diligently folllow and this is due to the fact that I had organized his book event in Hong Kong just before we left for Dubai. John is funny, charismatic and a great entertainer and somehow I was hooked since then and have read every single Charlie Parker book of his, and others. I like his darker, with a slight supernatural twist style of thriller/crime genre.   

The Chinese Way of Life by Lin Yutang. This is an old book my father gave me when I was a young kid of around 12. It's a hard back cover, quite thin, less than one cm thick and I have lost the book cover. The red hard back cover is a little old and dirty; like what a vintage book should look like. Reading it makes me feel rather nostalgic and how appropriate to be reading this while living in China with Chinese New Year around the corner. 

Listening to: A mishmash from itunes store including - country music from Lady Antebellum, Faith Hill, Shania Twain & Kelly Clarkson, Scissor Sister's Any Which Way album, Example, Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera's Move like Jagger which stayed in my head for days on end!