19th May 13 at 10:05am

Farewell Spring until next year

Spring has been temperamental this year. It's has been hot and cold and hot and cold, hot and cold, hot cold.

I bitched about it being still cold so late, then I bitch about it being wet, then I bitched about it being too hot too early. I shout every morning Can't you make up yr bloody mind??' cause I just don't know what to wear today! 

But alas....Spring is no more.

Note to self, stop complaining and bitching about the weather and enjoy it before it disappears before your eye!

Every Spring the cherry blossoms next to our compound bursts into the world with its beautiful bloom. It makes coming home so heartwarming and happy.

This is one of my favourite streets in the French Concession which I just discovered with Karen. It's Yu Qing Lu. Absolutely beautiful tree line street and on a Spring day, you could just walk on forever on a street like this. 

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