19th May 13 at 02:05pm

Easter in Shanghai

My lovely Indian writer friend suggested we go for Easter service at the oldest Church in Shanghai. We were blessed with good weather, a typical spring day, clear blue sky, cold.

A Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jew,  a Church of England and Mishi and Scott's beautiful daughter strolled into St Xavier Church, also known as Dongjiadu Lu Church, the oldest and most well preserved Church in Shanghai. It was built by the Jesuits in 1853 and is also the first foreign built church in Shanghai.

David and I had been working till midnight the night before. We have had a busy, hectic and fairly stressful week. So to sit in Church, listening to spiritual sermons and holy music, soaking up the atmosphere was divine! Considering none of us are very religious, it was meaningful in other ways! 

Later at night, in contrast, David and I went to a Public Image Limited concert at Mao Livehouse. In case you don't know, PIL is a post punk band formed by Johnny Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols. Pretty amusing to see many bald and over weight on the wrong side of middle age gweilos who remember Sex Pistol and PIL from their youth, mixed with trendy young Chinese kids int just about everything they can get hold off. 


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