28th Apr 13 at 06:04pm

Philip Glass in Hong Kong, March 2013

We went to HK early March to watch Philip Glass' 4 hour opera, Einstein on the Beach. 4 hours, no interval! You are allowed to walk in and out of the theatre anytime you want within those 4 hours.

I was fairly reluctant to go. This is after agreeing and having bought the tickets months before hand. It was David's early birthday present. He is a big, huge fan on Philip Glass. Me? Hm....

Who is Philip Glass? You can google him. He is a contemporary classical music composer and his music is not necessarily accessible to the general public. It's not easy to appreciate, nor liked. For sure not everyone's taste. 

I threatened to leave early. I moaned, whinged. I dreaded how obstructive and disruptive it could get when people walked in and out of the theatre.

Well what do I know!?? Once again, life threw me a curve ball. I actually enjoyed it. I sat for 4 hours, I walked about once just to give my leg a stretched. There were moments that I cringed and just wanted it to finish, but most of the time, I genuinely liked it. Something out of my comfort zone. I stayed, I didn't bitch. I loved the repetitive monosyllabilic choral singing, the sets, the energetic modern ballet part, with dancers leaping and twirling around. I hated the single violin player playing typical Philip Glass nail scratching on the blackboard tunes, repeating the same stanza again and again and again.

It was not any like the traditional opera we are used to. It's a multimedia avant garde production with dancing, acting, singing, music etc etc with staging and lighting as effects that on the whole made the entire production, I guess, worthwhile an experience. 

You can read more about Einsten on the Beach and Philip Glass here and here.

You can listen on youtube here

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