4th Feb 13 at 03:02am

The Reluctant TaiTai turned Graphic Designer finds peace at last?

I think I am beginning to find peace in my life. By that I mean, striking a balance as a freelance graphic designer/tai-tai!! By that I mean, well, accepting and actually enjoying and liking my life. No shit sherlock! 

January was an interesting start to the new year. I was terrified of January at the end of 2012. Terrified because I was worried I wouldn’t have work, and therefore having lots of time on my hands. I hate not having anything to do. It's been the root of evil since I stop working full time in 2009. The transition from full time work to not working full time for many women, for whatever reason, is difficult primarily because we are simply not used to being free. Having free time = bad/not a good thing/not doing anything worth while/not generating income/not creating useful footprints on this earth etc etc etc. It's just one of those wierd things that goes into our heads during that transition.

But wow, in January this year, I have been busy! I have no idea what but busy. I suppose it is a combination of chilling out, domestic chores, networking a little, work a little, catching up with friends for coffee, lunch, dinner and drinks, excursions, walks around Shanghai, cultural activities, making new friends, going to the gym (yes its kind of working people, this no resolution thing!), Chinese classes (although it has come to and end) etc etc.

I can survive the quietest month in the year, than I am ok. What a revelation! I can do this! It's ok. And the most important thing! I don’t feel a dire desperation to fill my time anymore.

That’s A HUGE thing! HUGE!! Can I say that again HUGE!!!!!

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