4th Feb 13 at 11:02am

A great Sunday out in Gaoqiao

After a week shitty polluted weather at the end of January, we were blessed with beautiful blue skies on our excursion with the Royal Asiatic Society to Gaoqiao, on Sunday, January 27th. Gaoqiao is about 45 - 60 min train ride out of Shanghai towards the mouth of the Yangtze river, north east of the city centre, in what they call Pudong New Area. It’s an ancient town that dates back to the Song Dynasty. (11 hundreds to 12 hundreds something). The main street is along the river and is studded with shops of all sorts, street food and amazing old architecture and beautiful Chinese courtyard houses and buildings.


Street food! The best!

The best ‘mcmuffin’ ever. A batter is poured into the round pan, topped with an egg, bit of spring onion, shredded carrots, mince pork, covered again with a thin layer of batter and cooked to brown on the outside, splattered in between with chilli powder. Divine!! We also had another pancake (no photos sorry!), made on a flat pan, filled with a mixture of several different types of vegetables and rolled into a burrito of sorts. Oh so good on a cold winters day!!! 

To top off the day, we went straight from Gao Qiao to M on the Bund for their regular last Sunday of the month’s chamber music - (sorry for the blurred photo)

...with my awesome find in Gao Qiao. An old fashion chamber pot to chamber music!

And what do you think?? The first ever no spitting sign I have seen in China. This was in the train station at Gao Qiao! 

More excursions plan, so watch this space!

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