7th Jan 13 at 11:01am


Well....ok maybe I do.

I want to start running again. That's probably the only resolution I have for the year. It's prompted by the fact that I feel like a whale after the holidays. I know I don't look like a whale but I also know I have some dysfunctional self-image problem and some kind of eating disorder, or rather at times not eating disorder. 

Anyway, it's boring, all of it. Suffice you know I will join the gym and start running again. That's what I want.

Suddenly, I miss Bowen Road (in Hong Kong) running days. I was pretty fit then in terms of stamina and I truly LOVED running. I want that feeling back again!!That adrenaline, the feel-good-hormones flowing through my blood and entire system while and after running. Runners High! I want it back! 

And if I lose a couple of pounds, even better! 

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