7th Jan 13 at 06:01pm

Possibly our last Christmas in France

As always, we spent Christmas 2012 in the quiet French countryside with Mate's parents. And like 2011, with a stopover in Dubai to see our desert friends. 

The journey to my inlaws is a fairly tedious and long plane, train, car ride. No matter whether we fly from HK, Dubai or Shanghai, it is always a full day's trip. Mate and I both admittedly dreaded the journey this year. It never gets better, no matter how many times we have done it before. But sadly, as much as we don't love the journey, this may be our last. In fact, this Christmas is quite possibly the last time we have a French Joyeux Noel! My inlaws are planning to move back to the UK after 10 years in France.  

I felt quite sad when we were told. France and my inlaws house, La Margarite, named after the previous owner, will always hold a special place our hearts. I got married in that house in 2005, and France was part the Morkel love story. 

Adieu France! Just as well since I have not picked up any French in the past 10 years of going there apart from "Deux cafés creme s'il vous plaît!"

Photos taken Dec 2011

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