7th Dec 12 at 10:12am

Back....on my birthday

Sorry, been away on a hiatus for a bit. But I am back and I will try to be more diligent and certainly to be more interesting.

It's my birthday today. I am happy. I was happy yesterday despite being hungover from another Wicked Wednesday. I met a friend for coffee in the morning at Sunflower, had a bowl of pasta to soak up the remnant alcohol sloshing around inside me, walked down Anfu Road and found a cool cashmere dress for RMB 1000, grabbed a new DVD, had my favourite jian bing at Wulumuqi, street food crepe-y yummy thing, walked all the way home feeling super. It was one of those dazzlingly seductive, cold but fabulous winters day with the sun high up in the sky over bright blue skies.

Back at home for a couple of hours working and pottering. Trip the post office and some Christmas shopping later in the day. Topped up the just so feel goof factor day with delicious roasted sweet potato, brussel sprouts, brocolli and fish dinner!! 

 Everyday should be like yesterday! And today of course although it has just started. 

I have decided that I am forever 38! 


Cashmere dress for myself 

Present from Mate on the left and cats on the right. 

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