13th Sep 13 at 03:09pm

To my year on...

Today is the Morkel’s France wedding anniversary.

Today is also one year anniversary of my dad's passing. Dad passed away a year ago today sometime late morning.

This morning during my walk-ercise, I was thinking very hard about how to commemorate his passing, how to remember him, a tribute, in memory. Should I sit in a park later on, think of him solemnly? Light a candle? Read his letters once again, cry my eyes out and down a bottle of wine, which I did last year? What shall I do? I wanted very badly to do something.

As I power walked on this hot sunny September morning, I couldn’t think of anything that would resonate, anything that felt right. 

Suddenly, a thought came from nowhere. I realized as I pushed on, out of the blues, that this walkercise, this very walking is my tribute to my dad.

He loved walking. He never failed to do his evening walks, right up until his mind failed him when he didn’t want to leave the house. And walking was my way of bonding with him when I was young. On school holildays when I came back from Singapore to spend time at home, I walked with him around our neighbourhood.

We walked, we talked, we shared, we gossiped, we laughed. Those were indeed one of the best daddy moments in my life. As I thought more, tears poured out of my eyes and then I knew, that, that very moment of walking is just what I needed to do to remember my dad. I felt it deep deep inside me, reassuringly. It felt so sad yet so special.

Thank you Dad, thank you for reminding me that it is the simple things in life that matter, the everyday things we do. Not the pomp not the champange.

To my Dad!  

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