1st Sep 13 at 06:09pm

And life goes on in Shanghai with its quirks, summer heatwave and Pet Shop Boys

We have just come out of Shanghai hottest summer in 140 years. Since mid July, we have had continuous high, blistering Dubai-like temperatures that just went on and on and on. For 6 weeks the temperature dance around 38 to 42 deg C. Some weather apps claimed real feel that went as high as 46 deg! It did feel like it. I felt I was back in the Middle East.

It became a daily routine of taking 3 showers what with biking around. Forget about walking. At least with the bike there is somewhat a breeze, even though its oven like breeze! 

And then suddenly, the weather changes and last night was distinctive. You could just feel summer is done for and Autumn is near. We walked back home after dinner and with a sleeves blouse, I swear I needed a pashmina or light cardi!

Wow!! Seasonal changes can be quite fun!! I get it now!! 

After brunch this morning we went for one of our self guided walks with a guidebook in hand and yes, walking time is back in Shanghai!! Pleasant, super comfortable temperatures, though warm in the sun but not that scathing stiffling OMG-I-am-going-to-die-in-this-heat-like weather!! 

Happiness in the air!! 

One of our highlights this summer was for sure the Pet Shop Boys Electric Tour in Shanghai! I loved every single minute of the 1.5 hours concert. Fabulous for a group that has been around for a long time. Neil Tennant is 59 and you have got to give it to him! He can still sing and certainly hasn't lost any of the glamour and fabulousness. Very unlike the 80's concert we saw in Dubai with Paul Young, Belinda Carlise, Boy George and some other has beens. They were a wee bit sad. Even though we did enjoy the concert and danced all night to the songs we grew up with. But Pet Shop Boys, they still have it!! 

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