I am a self-taught freelance Graphic Designer based in Shanghai.

I was born in Malaysia, educated in Singapore, professionally made and matured in Hong Kong in marketing and media.

In 2007, I became a trailing spouse and moved to Dubai with my husband. During the world’s worst financial crisis in 2008, I was laid off and that was the end of my marketing career.

I stumbled upon Graphic Design in 2009 by chance. I dabbled in it, realised I can do it and enjoyed it. So I took an online course and made a career change from Marketer to Graphic Designer. My background in marketing certainly helps a lot. What I lack in exprience as a designer, I make up by understanding what the client needs and how to get the message across. 

I love my work. I am happiest when designing.

For my portfolio, please click here

Michelle Morkel